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Dancing In The Truth Coaching services are provided by Dr. Allen Scott Tafoya.  He is a Native American who grew up on the Santa Clara Pueblo reservation in New Mexico and resides in Albuquerque with his wife Karen and son Jesse.
Scott deeply appreciates and respects his culture, and the culture of all indigenous peoples.  The year 2014 will complete his third decade of ministry to Native American people, primarily as a pastor.  Scott has and continues to lead in Native American ministry efforts statewide.

Scott holds a Doctor of Ministry from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is trained as a Certified Professional Coach by the International Coach Academy, an accredited school of the International Coach Federation.  He is also a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of certified Coaches, Speakers and Teachers. 

With Dancing In The Truth Coaching you will have a coach who relates to you as a Native American.  Scott offers the highest quality of coaching at a competitive price customizable to your budget.

Native American Leadership Training

What do I mean by leadership training?

            Leadership training means understanding about what leadership really is.  But leadership training is much more than gaining the right knowledge.  It is being willing to engage in a process that will invite you to begin applying that knowledge.    I will help you through that process by customizing your training to your needs and cultural setting .  Whether providing you a foundational understanding of leadership through teaching, motivating you through speaking, or helping you grow as a leader in a specific area through coaching, my goal for you is to “be” a better Native American leader.  That is what I mean by leadership training.

What will you learn through Native American leadership training.

            Leadership is an art.  Just as a potter knows how to use the clay or color or pressure or heat in the right way or the right time, through Native American leadership training you will learn the art of leadership.   For example, you will learn that leadership is influence and how to use your influence in a positive way.  You will also learn what timing means for a leader and how to make decisions at the right time.  These are just 2 of The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership  that John Maxwell has identified that through my leadership training  you have the opportunity to learn about them all and master many.

How will my Native American leadership training impact your life?

As I mentioned earlier, my leadership training will have the impact of helping you to actually be a better leader.  When you are a better leader, you will be perform better in your responsibilities because you have grown (Law of the Lid).  You will make better decisions because of your understanding of the importance of timing (Law of Timing). You will persevere because you know leaders find a way to win (Law of Victory). You will also care about those you lead (Law of Addition).  And the list goes on!

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