Susanne Kennedy, Referral Institute

"Scott Tafoya is a very patient, generous, and insightful coach. He really helped me explore my resistance in my business, uncover sources of that resistance, and set up solutions for success, all within a safe, supportive environment. He often had just the right question to move me from confusion to clarity. I believe I have achieved more focus and balance in my business as a result of working with him."
Bob Royall, Leadership Coach, Blackaby Ministries International                       

“Scott brings a trained mind with skills and training in coaching, coupled with a listening ear to hear and understand the deepest longings of those he coaches. He also adds years of experience as a pastor which, together with the other skills mean that he can provide significant help for persons who want to move from mere existence to a purposeful, accomplished life. I recommend Scott to anyone who would desire to make forward progress in their lives.”

Dr. Ira Pinkston, Worship Pastor

“I highly regard Dr. Scott Tafoya and wholeheartedly recommend him anyone seeking a professional “coach.” Years ago I worked with a Life Coach in Texas and that experience saved my life; at least it seemed like it at the time. Just a couple years ago it was my privilege to work with Scott as my coach. In a very brief time he was able to help me work through some new issues in my life and to “re-straighten” out some things I didn’t quite get right the first time. Scott has a vast array of skills that make him perfect for the job as a Native American Spiritual Leadership Coach."


Monica Jojola, Montech Inc.


If you are a Program Manager, President, or Owner of company we are often so entrenched in maintaining the day-to-day activities of our professional lives that we forget what great leadership is about. The course “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” worked perfect for my schedule. It was good to learn from others and learn their leadership experiences. A reminder of great leadership skills is a good investment in you. If you have a team of leaders, this weekly teleconference is great for them. Invest in your people – they will treat your customers well.