Programs for Native American Leadership Training

Coaching & Workshops                         
  • Individual Coaching provides the opportunity for discovering things about your own spiritual and leadership development, at your own pace.
  • Group Coaching offers professional, confidential coaching of groups up to 8 people.  Groups can set their own agendas and aid each other in achieving more meaningful, mutual insights.
  • Workshops and Seminars draw on the leadership philosophy of John Maxwell, and focus on specific spiritual and leadership topics, with sensitivity toward indigenous people.
  • Masterminding fosters synergy, commitment, and excitement that participates bring to a mastermind group.  These facilitated sessions offer peer brainstorming, education, accountability, and support in a group setting.  The fresh ideas and different perspectives help you sharpen your business and personal skills, and ultimately keep you on the path for achieving success.
  • Lunch-N-Learn help you get better acquainted with Scott and his unique approach to coaching leadership development.  These brief, complimentary events all ow your organization to sample a selection of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

Mastermind Groups

I had just begun a new job with an entirely different set of expectations and clients.  This group helped me focus and provided tools to use immediately.

I came to this study group with excitement and apprehensionnot knowing what to expect.  I have gained so much from the Maxwell principles of leadership.  My understanding of a leader has greatly increased.  I recommend this to everyone.


I always had a desire to pursue art.  Being coached by Scott helped me begin taking many actions to nurture and further the quality of my art.  I made some significant sales.  I participated in several venues to display my art.  I then decided to enroll in college to study art and realized I had resources financially to help me do that also-Amy

I identified my why's for building my business.  I've identified weekly actions I needs to take to grow my business.  My prospects have been identified, my  team has grown, my income has grown.  Maybe most of all, the sessions are helping me him regain my focus emotionally and mentally and are stopping the cycle of not making progress in my life.-Mel